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TENDER NOTICE ( Laboratory Equipment )

Sealed proposals on Single Stage Single Envelope basis are hereby invited from the Manufacturers / Authorized Dealers having GST, Sales Tax Number, Sales / Service / Repair Centres for the supply and installation of the following items on FOR basis (except for item – 3, where C&F price is also required) as per specifications detailed in the tender documents.

1) Hall Effect Measurement System
    a. Complete hardware and software system
    b. Electromagnet capable of 1T or higher field
    c. Sample measurement temperature of the order of 80-450K

2) Photoluminescence Spectrometer
    a. Complete hardware and software system
    b. Spectral Coverage – Excitation 230nm – 1000nm
    c. Spectral Coverage – Emission 230nm – 870nm
    d. Low temperature for sample stage
    e. Time resolved PL / PLE

3) Raman Spectrometer
    a. High sensitivity, high resolution 532nm Raman spectrometer
    b. Complete hardware and software system
    c. Spectral range 200 – 3600 cm-1
    d. Cooled detector

4) Contact Angle Measurement System

    a. Complete with hardware and software (most advanced measurement and analyses)
    b. Static and dynamic sessile drop methods
    c. Extension/contraction method
    d. Pendant drop method
    e. Sliding Method
    f. LED light source
    g. CCD or higher camera
    h. Video based
    i. Surface Free Energy Analysis
    j. Contact angle measurement range 0-180º
    k. Surface/interfacial tension range: 0 – 100mN/m
    l. Display resolution contact angle: 0.1º
    m. Display resolution surface/interfacial tension: 0.1mN/m
    n. Worktable 150Wx 100mm

5) Sputtering targets
    a. 3-inch diameter
    b. Ga, GaN

6) Rare earth chunks (2-5 mm) 99.99% (Gd, Dy, Tb, Ho, Sm, Eu, Lu, Yb, La, Er, Tm)

7) High voltage power supply (dc); 200V, 3A

8) Power Supply (dc); 50V, 3A

8) Bench top Spin Coater
    a. Adjustable RPM up to 6000
    b. Spinning time 999 seconds
    c. Ramp required
    d. Vacuum chucks with different diameters ranging from 1 to 4 inch
    e. Optional Rotary pump for holding vacuum chuck

9) Chemical Fume Hood
    a. General purpose
    b. Bakelite material
    c. Conventional design with Internal dimensions (W x D x H) 4 x 3 x 4.
    d. Vertical sash
    e. Hood face velocity 100 SFPM (53 cm/s)

10) Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer with two combined plates in one unit
    a. Temperature range up to 300 0C
    b. Speed up to 2000 rpm
    c. Time at least 120 min
    d. Ceramic type top
    e. Resistant to organic solvents
    f. Temperature accuracy within 5 0C
    g. Digital numerical display

11) Hotplate with vacuum
    a. Plate lid size for vacuum area: 6-inch diameter or 6-inch square with minimum ½ inch height
    b. Temperature min. 5 0C above ambient up to 250 0C
    c. Vacuum greater than 1 mbar
    d. Possibility for gas inlet and outlet

12) Vacuum oven
    a. Vacuum greater than 1 mbar
    b. Temperature min. 5 0C above ambient up to 250 0C
    c. Controller type single set point
    d. Timer for 10 hr. approx.
    e. Possibility for gas inlet and outlet
    f. Capacity 500 cubic inches

13) Rotary pump
    a. Single stage
    b. pressure around 10-2 Torr

Tender documents can be obtained (@ Rs. 1000/-) from the office on any working day during office hours before 27th February 2020. Tenders should reach office of the Director, COE in Solid State Physics, University of the Punjab, Lahore, by 11:00am on or before February 27, 2020. The departmental Purchase / Tender Committee will open the tenders on February 27, 2020 at 11:30am, and representatives of the bidders may attend.

Earnest money for the Tender will be 2% of the total bid price to be attached with the offer.


COE in Solid State Physics
University of the Punjab, Lahore