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The Centre of Excellence (COE) in Solid State Physics (SSP) is a Federally funded research institute established under an act of Pakistan Parliament known as Centres of Excellence Act 1974. The major aim of establishing the Centre in this field was to provide the country with technically trained manpower and to establish research facilities in the field of solid state physics. It is one of the 12 Centres of Excellence established in various parts of the country. COE in SSP is situated in Lahore (north-east of Pakistan) at the Quaid-I-Azam campus of University of the Punjab.

COE in Solid State Physics introduced M.Phil. degree in Solid State Physics soon after its inception; it was a pioneering step and a giant leap in education at that time. Since then, over 500 students have been awarded M.Phil. degrees by University of the Punjab on the research work done at COE in Solid State Physics. The Centre, thus, has been very successful in providing technically trained manpower to the country in the field of Solid State Physics (Theoretical & Experimental); these graduates are serving not only the educational institutes of the Country they are also contributing towards R&D through various Government organizations.

The COE in SSP is now equipped with adequate research facilities to offer the following 3 degree programmes.

  1. 1. M.Phil. Solid State Physics (SSP)
  2. 2. M.Phil. Microelectronic Engineering & Semiconductor Physics (MESP)
  3. 3. M.S. Nanotechnology

The Centre also caters to the needs of Ph.D. students in the theoretical and experimental sub-disciplines.

The Centre is run by a Board of Governors headed by Vice Chancellor of the Punjab University. The current BoG comprises of:
  1. Vice Chancellor, Punjab University, Prof. Dr. Zaffar Mueen Nasar (Chairman)
  2. A representative of the Higher Education Commission(member )
  3. A representative of the Ministry of Federal Education & Manpower Training (member)
  4. A representative of the Pakistan Science Foundation (member)
  5. 5. Dean, Faculty of Science, PU, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sharif (member)
  6. 6. Two experts in the subject to be nominated by the Federal Government on the recommendations of the HEC
    a. Prof. Dr. M. Aslam Baig (member)
    b. Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi (member)
  7. 7. One expert in the subject to be nominated by the syndicate of the Punjab University    Prof. Dr. M.Z. Butt (member)
  8. 8. One expert in the subject to be nominated by the Academic Council of the Punjab University, Prof. Dr. Tahir Abbas (member)
  9. 9. Director of the Centre, Dr. Saira Riaz (member / secretary)